Other Fretted Instruments

This section includes all the less common type of fretted instrument. We've got Appalachian Dulcimers, Strumsticks from the USA; Ouds from Turkey, Ruan from China, plus Balalaikas from Romania and Cuatros de Puerto Rico.
Ashbury Lindisfarne Tenor Guitar, L/H Solid cedar top, Solid koa back and sides. Cutaway with Fishman pick-up.
Atlas Lute 8 course 11 Maple ribs, ebony pegs
Atlas Turkish Oud Good student Oud with solid spruce top
Atlas Arabic Oud Good student Oud with solid spruce top
Atlas Oud, Turkish lute Good playable Oud with solid spruce top and ribbed bowl back.
Atlas Sitar, Single Gourd Excellent value traditional Indian made sitar

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